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Ask a sugar baby - Alice


How does a teenage girl become a sugar baby?

Alice 19 is a sugar baby . “ I was working as an escort when I met my sugar daddy. He was a punter who became a regular client, he became infatuated with me, always asking why I was selling myself so cheaply as an escort. A lot of men feel that they want to rescue a working girl, so I just thought he was a guy who wanted to be a knight in shining armour to me. One day he offered to take me out to dinner, I accepted but told him that I charge by the hour for this service and that if he wanted sex after that would be extra. Little did I know at the time that he was taking me to the apartment that he had bought for me, I couldn’t believe it, I was a 19 years old teen escort and some regular punter had just bought an apartment for me. 


Is being a sugar baby better than being an escort?

Well yes, I now only have sex with a few men every month but I can do whatever I want with the rest of my time, I no longer have to have sex with lots of different men every day as an escort . 


How much money should a sugar daddy give you?

That really depends on how wealthy he is, I have a sugar daddy who is extremely wealthy, a multi-millionaire in fact. He gives me a monthly allowance, has bought me an apartment and pays for driving lessons, when I pass my driving test he will buy me a car. Being a sugar baby  has really opened my eyes to how mature men behave towards young girls when they have a lot of money, they really like to lavish expensive presents, it makes them feel good, it also keeps their sugar baby interested in them. 


How do you meet your sugar daddies?      

There are various social media sites and specialist websites where younger women go to meet (hopefully) wealthy men who are looking for a girl to keep as a paramour, which is really what a sugar baby is. 


Do you get lots of offers from men when you put your profile on these websites?

Loads! A lot of the guys just want a one night stand with a teen sugar baby, they promise you the earth but then don’t deliver. I have been caught-out in the past by men who just want to take me to dinner, then expect a quick fuck. But I soon learnt that you have to be patient and never have sex with a potential sugar daddy on the first, or even the second date. That way you get to see how committed he is. Once you have the right guy, you can then put all your energy and effort into seducing this one man. 


Why do you think that men of a certain age want a sugar baby?

It’s a power- thing. It’s also a win- win for both parties. The man gets to feel that, in some ways, he owns you, he takes care of you. And in return, he gets the pleasures of a girl that he couldn't get if it wasn’t for the fact that he is wealthy. For the girl, she gets everything in life that a girl wants. Clothes, jewelry, apartments, cars, and she doesn’t have to work. The only thing she has to do is to make her sugar daddy feels he is the only man in her life, and to let him fuck her of course.



Ask a sugar baby - Jemima 

How did you become a sugar baby?

Jemima is 21, a well-educated young socialite . “I first got into the sugaring scene when I was at Uni studying fashion 2 years ago. I was in a bar with a friend when a mature man, well into his 60’s asked if he could buy us a drink. We accepted and got chatting, to cut a long story short the next day he called me and offered to take me shopping.  What girl could refuse! I was hooked. I am now a full time sugar baby with 3 different sugar daddies in tow, each one is a married man, they’re the best because there are no strings, they just want me when they are available, maybe once a fortnight and always bring me gifts, plus they keep me financially solvent, very solvent. 

What do your friends think about your sugar daddies?

Some of my friends liken my activities with my sugar daddies as being nothing more than a prostitute, but as I tell them, being an escort or prostitute, I would have to visit lots of different men in their hotels and they would be in the driving seat. As a sugar baby, it is me that is in control. My sugar daddies are only too happy to keep me happy, so they go out of their way to make sure I am content with the relationship”. 

Do many sugar babies have more than one sugar daddy? 

“If they’re clever, yes! As I said earlier, the best sugar daddies are wealthy married men, they are not looking for any long-term commitment, there is no pressure, and any moment we spend together, whether in a hotel room or out shopping together is time that we both enjoy. That fact that he goes home to his wife is ok by me, and it gives me the freedom to see my other sugar daddies. It’s a win-win situation”.

How much money can a sugar baby make in a month?

“I don’t really look at the relationship in terms of finance, or how much they give me, but living in a two bedroom apartment costs a lot of money. My number one sugar daddy bought my apartment for me last year, and furnished it for me. He also gives me an allowance, I’m not telling how much, but he is a very generous man and I like him a lot. My other sugar daddy has just bought me a new car and also pays for the insurance. “I’m a lucky girl”. 

Do your sugar daddies know that you see other men?

“God no! That would be a disaster”. Every sugar daddy has to think he is the only one.



Racheal is an upscale black escort. She won many beauty contests.


What made you become an escort?

As a black girl  with no formal qualifications there aren’t that many opportunities for employment with any sizable income, so short of finding a rich boyfriend my only real option to make a decent living was to become a call girl or work as a massage girl .


How did you start?

Well, I started working the streets, prostitutes are always available 24/7 but the problems with punters and the police were making life difficult. And you have to know that I was only a young woman at the time and I knew very little about the escort agency girls and how much better it was to work in a more constructed environment. 


Are black escorts popular with clients?

Yeah, especially with middle class white guys. Most of my regular clients are white married guys and nearly all of them have never even seen a black pussy before, let alone a black girls tits, they love it. Imagine being 50 years old, married to the same white woman for 25 years and then tasting your first ebony escorts pussy for the first time; heaven right! 


Why do you think that is?

Most white guys never get the chance to sample the delights of a black girl in their normal life so if they have a penchant for a black girl their only real option is to hire black escorts . I’ve had lots of guys want to take me out for dinner, I think they get a big thrill by having a beautiful black girl on their arm and when we go to a fancy restaurant we do get lots of looks. 


What is the most requested service that men want from call girls?

Oral without a condom is the number one. Number two is nearly all the clients that I see want to taste a black girl's pussy, I’ve lost count of how many white guys say that black pussy tastes different to white pussy. They also like to have a black escorts  go down on them and they all want to cum in a black girl's mouth. Of course all men today want oral without, which is okay by me.


How has working as an escort changed your attitude towards men?

Not at all really, even though I’m still quite young, just 21, I’ve always known that boys and especially boyfriends will mess around with other girls if they get the chance. I don’t think it’s in men’s nature to be totally faithful to one girl. You only have to listen to a group of men talking in a bar to know that most of their conversations are about girls they’d like to fuck or women in their office they fancy. So it’s no surprise to me that married men hire escorts or visit massage parlors .


Do you think that married men who visit female escorts are cheating on their wives, or is it a harmless bit of sexual fun?

Well there are two answers to that question.  If you ask the husband if he thinks hiring escorts is cheating he would probably say no, it’s just a bit of harmless pleasure. But if you asked his wife the same question she would probably say absolutely, he’s a dirty rotten stinking scum sucking piece of pond-life, and he go fuck himself if he thinks that he can get away with fucking  prostitutes without any comebacks.


Do  call girls have boyfriends?

 It’s quite difficult to have a relationship with a normal working guy when he knows that his girlfriend is a visiting escort or giving hand relief and blowjobs to clients in  massage parlors, I mean what do you talk about in the evening? How many guys did you have sex with today honey? It’s really not possible to have a traditional relationship with a boyfriend. I do know some escorts that have boyfriends, but they are few and far between. Most girls want to make as much money as they can and then try to live a normal life, once they have given up working as a sex worker .